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Nov/Dec-04 "From Hearing Aids to Cool Aids", 1/4pg with med color pic of Pat
News, “Pat Benatar Hits Soap With Her Best Shot”, full pg article
Nov-78 Mention in "On the Town" column w/great, small BW picture
Sep-79 "Song Birds '79: Four Flights Up" (Pat, Ellen Foley, Valerie Carter, Nicolette Larsen) w/great posed color photo of Pat
Oct-80 3/4 page BW photo, striped top
Oct-81 "Faces", paragraph and 1/2 page BW photo
6/11/93 “Pat Benatar: True Love Paves the Way For Gravity's True Grit”, 2 pg feature. Full color cover pic, “Pat Benatar's Rockin' Rainbow”. Review Gravity's Rainbow. #745 COVER
“My Family Life: Pat Benatar”, 1 pg interview w/med color photo from book signings
AMPERSAND (Entertainment Magazine for College Newspapers)
Dec-81 Concert review: Civic Auditorium, Omaha; w/large caricature V.V,No3
11/28/79 Concert review: Bottom Line NYC, 11/20/79 w/BW photo from show #290
1/2/80 "The Hit Man" column, mention and BW photo #295
8/20/80 "Pat Benatar: No One's Stepping On This Heartbreaker" #328
12/10/80 "Pat Benatar: The new First Lady of Rock 'N' Roll" w/small BW photo of Neil #344
3/4/81 Small BW photo on cover; mention in article about Grammy Awards #357 COVER
8/12/81 Concert review: South Mountain Music Fair 8/1/81 w/large BW photo
12/15/82 Interview: "Will Success Still Her Song? 'That's A Lot of Crap'" #449 COVER
11/9/83 "Pat Benatar: Close To Home" #496 COVER
12/5/84 Review of Tropico: "One of the Nicest Surprises of the Year" w/full page BW photo #552
1/29/86 "Rock's Royal Bitch or 'Reluctant Superstar'?", Part One #612 COVER
2/5/86 "Rock's Royal Bitch or 'Reluctant Superstar'?", Part Two #613
3/19/86 Concert review: "A Triumphant Return" Meadowlands, 2/23/86 #619
4/21/93 "Celebrities To Work In Record Stores For 'Counteraid'" mention of Pat #664
6/2/93 Record store ad for Gravity's Rainbow and contest for tickets to show at the Grand #670
6/30/93 "Pat Benatar: 'When There's No Fear You Can Just Go'" #674
3/30/94 "Pop Goes the World", birth annoucement for Hana #713
?-02 Paragraph about Summer Vacation DVD and mention in brief article about rock pins w/pic of a "Pat" pin Issue 5
Sep-05 "Pat Benatar", 3 pg feature w/numerous autograph examples
Fall 1981 "Rock On Target: Pat Benatar", 5 pg feature w/five pics
Aug-88 Feature article COVER
3/15-21/07 "Her Best Shots", feature interview w/color photo COVER
Curtain Call: “Benatar Makes Revel Debut”, feature w/sm color pic
8/13/82 "The US Festival Preview", includes medium BW photo of Pat
12/15/82 "The Other Side of Pat Benatar", local issue COVER
3/11/83 Half page ad for Get Nervous
10/21/83 "Pat Benatar: New Live LP, HBO Special"
11/2/84 "Pat Benatar: Behind the Battle Lines", local issue COVER
Mar-85 "Pat Benatar: Behind the Battle Lines", national issue
     '82 "How Do You Spell Relief From Tired Rock 'n' Roll? Most People Spell It P-A-T, S-H-E-E-N-A, C-H-R-I-S-S-I-E AND J-U-I-C-E!" #53
      '96 "Pat Benatar's Mick Mahan", interview with Mick Vol 3 #2
1989 “Give Thanks and Praises, The Music Community Remembers Bob Marley”, various artists, Pat: “One Love is the Light”, 3 paragraphs and lyrics for One Love Vol 8 #3  
May-03 "Pat Benatar" 8 pg interview w/small caricature of Pat Vol 1 #2
9/15/79 Full page color ad for In the Heat of the Night "Don't Play Around With Pat"
11/24/79 "Closeup", In the Heat of the Night track by track
3/29/80 Full page BW ad for We Live For Love
4/26/80 BW photo "Hot Night", Pat and band receiving gold award for In the Heat of the Night
8/16/80 Full page ad for Crimes of Passion; Album Spotlight: Crimes of Passion
8/30/80 Small BW photo Pat at Dr Pepper Music Festival
10/18/80 "Closeup", Crimes of Passion track by track
11/22/80 Photo Pat receiving platinum awards for In the Heat of the Night and Crimes of Passion
12/20/80 Captioned 3x4” BW photo, “Parrot Site”    
1/17/81 Full page ad for Treat Me Right
1/31/81 "Benatar's Best Shot-Right Down the Middle"
3/14/81 Full page color ad "Grammy Award Winner"
6/6/81 Full page ad for "A Night On the Road" radio concert airing 6/13/81
7/11/81 Album Spotlight: Precious Time; Pop Pick: Fire and Ice
7/25/81 Full page ad for Precious Time; article on Keith Olsen, producer
8/1/81 BW photo Pat with Keith Macmillan
5/8/82 BW photo Pat at T.J. Martell dinner
11/6/82 Full page color ad for Get Nervous "Perfectly Wrapped"
11/13/82 Full page BW ad for Certificate of Authenticity and Get Nervous
11/27/82 Hot 100 Chart with ad at bottome for Get Nervous and Shadows of the Night
3/12/83 Full page color ad Chrysalis congratulations for third consecutive Grammy
3/19/83 Full page BW ad "Congrats Pat"
5/21/83 Full page color ad Chrysalis congratulates Pat for double platinum sales of Get Nervous
8/6/83 Full page BW ad "Congratulations MTV"
10/1/83 Full page color ad for Live From Earth
10/27/84 "Benatar Seeks Mature Sound"
11/10/84 Full page ad for Tropico; Album Spotlight: Tropico; ad for Off the Record Radio show
12/15/84 Part of larger Chrysalis ad
3/9/85 Part of larger ad: "Pat Benatar In Concert" video cassette
5/4/85 BW photo "Westwood Wonderful", Pat and Norm Pattiz and Ken Kragen
9/14/85 Mention in Chartbeat: Invincible Top 10; "Manhattan Releasing Sun City"
11/23/85 Full page ad for Seven the Hard Way; Album Spotlight: Seven the Hard Way; Pop Pick: Sex As A Weapon
12/14/85 Full page ad for Off The Record radio show
1/11/86 "Benatar's Music, Image In Transition"; Video Track: mention of Sex As A Weapon
2/8/86 "Director Turns De-generation Into 'Effective' Advantage", technical aspects of Sex As A Weapon video w/BW photo; Pop Pick: Le Bel Age
2/8/86 BW photo "A Sassy Start", Pat with Lisa Robinson
2/22/86 Talent In Action: concert review Inglewood CA 2/3/86
3/29/86 On Target: mention in column
4/5/86 BW photo "Hometown Applause"
4/19/86 BW photo "Seven the Hard Way"
8/2/86 BW photo "Benatar Buster", Pat and Neil with David Johansen
9/19/87 3/4 page BW ad for Unicef "USA Dances For Unicef"
11/7/87 Featured Programming: mention in regards to Children of Americas radio benefit
11/28/87 Talent: mention in regards to Harry Chapin Tribute
12/19/87 "Stars Turn Out For Benefit Tribute To Harry Chapin"
3/19/88 Mention in short review of Del-Lords Based On A True Story
6/25/88 Full page ad for Wide Awake In Dreamland
7/2/88 BW photo "Pat In Dreamland"
7/9/88 Album Spotlight: Wide Awake In Dreamland
8/6/88 Chartbeat: paragraph
10/1/88 "Benatar Set For 'Wide Awake' Hit"; Pop Picks: Don't Walk Away
12/24/88 Pop Picks: Let's Stay Together
11/4/89 Full page ad for Best Shots
3/23/91 The Beat: "Benatar's New 'True Love' Is the Blues"
4/13/91 "Pat Benatar's Blues Album Is A Labor of (True) Love"; full page ad for True Love; Album Review: True Love; Single Review: Payin' the Cost To Be the Boss
5/18/91 BW photo "Pat's True Love" (black stage dress)
6/5/93 Single Review: Everybody Lay Down
6/12/93 "Benatar At Beginning Of Rainbow"; Album Review: Gravity's Rainbow
7/10/93 Single Review: Somebody's Baby
8/21/93 BW photo "Some Hot Fun In Summertime For ERG Staff"
4/9/94 Lifelines: birth annoucement for Hana
5/3/97 Included in 2 page CMC ad
3/3/97 CMC ad including pre-release Innamorata
5/31/97 "Benatar Gives New Set Her Best Shot", feature article; review Strawberry Wine
7/12/97 Review of At This Time
8/14/99 "Benatar Box Due From Chrysalis: 'Synchronistic Wanderings' Covers 20 Years of Hits, Outtakes", feature article
10/9/99 Banner type ad on "Artists and Music" page for Synchronistic Wanderings
9/6/03 Review: GO
CDP/61-N Featured selection: True Love COVER
Nov-83 "HBO Rock: Pat Benatar In Concert" w/color photo
1979 Small BW photo "Roxy Heartbreaker", Pat w/Mike Chapman and Rick Newman
9/1/79 Small BW photo "Chrysalis signs Benatar"
5/31/80 "Cashbox" short article COVER
8/1/81 "Cashbox" short article COVER
4/30/83 Small BW photo "Nervous Twitch"; article about Peter Coleman
2/22/86 Concert review: LA Forum
Aug-91 Review: True Love
Sep-94 Ad for DCC Gold Discs includes In the Heat of the Night
Vol 3 Five assorted photos
Vol 7 #1 "Top 40 Encore", 2 pages assorted photos
Mar-86 Centrum Guide Interiview COVER  
12/16/85 Half page article COVER
11/27/79 "Rock Women Get Set As Perm Wave Rolls Up", Pat featured with two others w/medium size BW photo
10/28/80 Paragraph in "Back Pages" w/small BW photo
11/30/80 Full page ad for Innerview radio show; Mention in brief review of Union City
12/31/80 "Pat Benatar: 1980's Pin-Up Girl" COVER
2/28/81 "Don’t Call Pat Benatar A Rock and Roll Woman" COVER
9/30/81 "Benatar Hits With Her Best Shot", also Centerfold, multi colored jumpsuit w/black jacket and Review of Precious Time
10/31/81 Full page ad for Innerview radio show w/large BW photo (concert shot Precious Time tour)
11/30/81 Small color photo with caption "Cat Like Pat…."
2/28/82 "Pat Benatar: Best Female Vocalist" COVER
2/28/82 "Pat Benatar: Best Female Vocalist", also lyrics for Shadows of the Night
5/31/82 Paragraphs, "Success Still Overwhelms Benatar" and "Pay Me With Your Best Shot", also small BW photo from Grammies
8/31/82 "Separating Fantasy From Reality" w/BW photos
12/31/82 "Pat Benatar Takes A Chance" w/full page ad for Get Nervous
3/31/83 Concert review, "Benatar At the Garden" w/full page photo
11/30/83 Full page ad for Live From Earth
12/31/83 Lyrics, Love Is A Battlefield w/BW photo
1/31/84 Review, Live From Earth
2/29/84 "Best Female Vocalist For Fourth Year" w/small color photo
2/28/85 Lyrics, Diamond Field and BW photo
3/31/85 "The Taming of Pat Benatar"
4/30/85 Lyrics, Ooh Ooh Song w/medium color photo; Guitar Clinic: Neil Geraldo
10/31/85 Lyrics, Invincible w/3x5 color photo
2/28/86 Lyrics, Sex As A Weapon; Mention in article on Lita Ford
3/31/86 Full page BW ad for '86 tour and paragraph on Seven the Hard Way
5/31/86 Stage Pass: "Pat Benatar Searches For Success the Hard Way";  Back Pages: "Benatar Blasts Back!"
Jul-05 "Friendly Ford", feature on the restoration of Neil's 1954 Ford F-100 with
several photos of the truck
7/27/15 “We Fight For Each Other”, 4 pg feature article with many color pictures of varying sizes    
Apr-00 "Geek Love": Pat Benatar with interesting caricature
Jan-84 Live From Earth selection of the month COVER
Nov/Dec 03 "A Couple of Heartbreakers",one column article, Pat and Martina McBride w/small color pics of both
Jan/Feb '04 "We Belong", feature about Crossroads w/Martina McBride, full page photo, full page ad for show
Feb-80 Creem Dream
May-80 "Heavy Metal Queen Rules the Airwaves"
Jun-80 Creem Profile
Oct-80 Centerfold photo, strapless blue dress; similar photo on back cover
Dec-80 Review, Crimes of Passion
Jan-81 "Pat Benatar's Sweet Ride"
Sep-81 Stars Car No. 62; ad for Precious Time
Oct-81 Centerfold photo, black jumpsuit w/red lacing
Nov-81 "Hot L Baltimore's (Not Just) For Children: Nice Girl Finishes First and Demands Recount" COVER
Mar-85 "Pat Benatar: Tropico Dancer"; review of Tropico "Love's Labor Lost"
Jan-83 Centerfold calendar; full page ad for Get Nervous
Apr-83 Review, Get Nervous; small BW photos Pat, Neil w/Leo Sayer and concert shot; ad for Ludwig Drums w/Myron
Mar-82 Assorted small photos: 1 color from cover, 2 BW and BW Neil
Mar-83 Assorted small photos: 1 color from cover, 2 BW
Apr-86 Review, Seven the Hard Way
Jul-80 Small BW photo close-up Pat's face
May-82 Small BW photo Pat displaying Grammy and wedding ring
Nov-88 "Pat Benatar: Too Short To Live?" 2 page interview w/2 full page color photos and small color photo from cover
Mar-81 Small color photo from cover; 3 small BW photos in Winner's '80s Readers Poll
Sep-93 Opening Riffs: "Pat Benatar"
Fall '80 THE BEST OF CREEM: Creem Dream; small BW photo with J.C. Mellancamp
      '81 Rock and Roll Calendar and Datebook 1981
Summer '81 BEST OF HEAVY METAL: Creem Profile
Fall '81 Full page color photo on back cover stapless blue dress; full page color photo red swimsuit "Women Unchained"; small BW photo leopard leotard
11,12/81 SMASH PIC: full page color photo from Precious Time video COVER
3,4/82 Photo gold leotard; Star's Cars
10,11/82 WOMEN IN ROCK: "Hot L Baltimore's (Not Just) For Children" COVER
Jan-83 Photo, part page gold leotard
Jun-83 Photo, concert blue sweater black skirt
Nov-83 Photo, concert black top red skirt
Apr-84 Small BW photo backstage during making of Love Is A Battlefield video
Apr-85 Photos: full page black check jacket; part page blue plaid shirt; small color from cover "New Dylan?"; small BW from 1974 COVER
Aug-86 "Pat Benatar: Greatest Female Vocalist Ever?" includes full page color photo from Seven the Hard Way Tour
Vol 1 #4 ROCK '87: paragraph about Sex As A Weapon video and small color photo
Vol 1 #8 HITMAKERS: "Women Rockers of the '80s"; full page BW photo with text