Richmond Lifestyles 1981 Hit Parader 1983
Hot Wacks #10 Rock&Folk, France, 1983
People 1981 Rock 1984
Veronica, Holland, 1981 Kerrang, UK, 1988
Creem, Women In Rock, 1982 Veronica, Holland, 1984
Hits 1988 Scene 1991
Record 1983 Song Hits1986

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The following pages list various and sundry cuttings from magazines  both local and national.  There are feature articles as well as the briefest of mentions of Pat and Neil.  Again, it's by no means a definitive listing, and some of the descriptions are vague at best.  It's the result of over 20 years of collecting and still a work in progress.


Magazines from the Untied States are listed alphabetically by magazine, while  publications from the rest of the world are listed alphabetically by country.




(by country)

A - H

I - Z

(by publication)

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