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American Bandstand Peformance 1980
American Music Awards Jan-85
American Music Awards Amercian Music Awards, winner Best Female Pop/Rock Video, Sex As A Weapon, Pat NOT in attendance
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Arsenio Hall Interview and performance: Payin' the Cost To Be the Boss, True Love 4/2/91
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35th Anniversary Tour-2014
Jan/Feb 2015
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Golden Globes Haley's introduction as Miss Golden Globe 1/20/02
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Grammy Awards Pat presenting to Kim Carnes for Record of the Year
Grammy Awards Feb-84
Guest Appearance Family Law (Anna), Season 2, episode 45, "Recovery" 5/7/01
Guest Appearance Dharma and Greg (herself) perfoms We've Only Just Begun, episode 5ABD09, "Wish We Weren't Here" 11/20/01
Guest Appearance That 80s Show (herself), "Road Trip", #111 4/24/02
Guest Appearance Charmed, "Lucky Charmed", Neil and Pat as themselves 4/6/03
HBO Paula Poundstone Show, performance: So Long Feb-92
HBO HBO World Entertainment Report 6/16/93
HBO Catch A Rising Star 10th Anniversary 1982
HBO Concert Special: Benatar Nov-83
Headline News Joy Behar Show, interview about autobiography 6/15/10
Hollywood Heartbeat video: You Better Run Dec-80
Home Team (Terry Bradshaw) interview and performance, Papa's Roses 9/24/97
Inside Edition Haley, Miss Golden Globe, a look behind the scenes 1/00/02
Inside Edition Segement on Pat and Haley 1/21/02
Interview Pat and Neil, Pat wearing black "California" T-shirt 82 or '83
Interview 1988
Joan Rivers Interview and performance: So Long 7/9/91
Joan Rivers Interview  7/22/93
KABC, LA Profile and interview, part one 5/23/91
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KTLA, Los Angeles interview and performance on morning program Strawberry Wine and Only You Jul-97
KTLA, Los Angeles performance of Christmas In America Dec-01
KTLA, Los Angeles performs Go and Heartbreaker 9/25/03
LA News interview with Bob Giraldi 1984
Lifetime Our Home, Pat talks about breast cancer awareness and 1/7/98
Lifetime Women Rock! Girls and Guitars 10/26/01
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Living It Up w/Ali and Jack performance and brief interview, Have It All/Heartbreaker 11/19/03
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MTV Commercial for 7 the Hard Way
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MTV MTV News, segment on Holly Knight w/ comment by Pat 12/4/85
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NBC Today Show, interview, Part One 1/28/86
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NBC Tonight Show, performance: Somebody's Baby 9/8/93
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Oprah Performs Love Is A Battlefield with Avril Lavigne 4/13/11
Oprah (OWN) Where Are They Now, segment 12/3/13
PBS 3-2-1 Contact, “Tropics: Endangered Animals”, Pat performs Endangered, Season 4, episode 5 9/27/85
PBS Harry Chapin Tribute, Pat performs Shooting Star 12/7/87
PBS CD Highway, Pat: Season 1, program #22 1999?
PBS Innerviews with Ernie Manouse, Houston PBS 2009
Puttin' On the Hits contestant lip synching to Promises In the Dark
Rachael Ray Show Interview about autobiography and acoustic performance w/Neil 7/02/10
Radio 1990 "Rock's Leading Couples", mention and Fire and Ice video ?
Regis and Kathie Lee Interview and performance: accoustic Somebody's Baby with Neil 7/13/93
Regis and Kathie Lee Interview and performance: Strawberry Wine 4/24/97
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Starchart performance: No You Don't 1980
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video-Le Bel Age
Interview: Start at Catch A Rising Star
video-Fire and Ice
Interview: Making first video and sexy image
video-Precious Time
Interview: Picking songs
video-Get Nervous
Interview: Getting ready for a tour
video-Love Is A Battlefield
video-Lipstick Lies
Interview: Indentification with audience and song selection
video-We Belong
Interview: Members of the band
video-Ooh Ooh Song
Interview: Naming the album 7 the Hard Way
Interview: Sex As A Weapon
video-Sex As A Weapon
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VH-1 Interview segment from Top 21 Countdown 6/20/93
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VH-1 Ru Paul Show, performs Strawvberry Wine 6/24/97
VH-1 More Big '80s hosted by Pat and Neil 8/17/97
VH-1 Rock 'n' Roll Weddings
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VH-1 Hard Rock Top 100
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VH-1 100 Greatest Videos, Love Is A Battlefield #73, Pat comments on: Madonna, Lauren Hill, Eurythmics, MC Hammer, Cyndi Lauper
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VH-1 Divas 2003, performed with Lisa Marie Presley May-03
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Video Spotlight #186 local NJ program, profile/interview 6/29/97
Women's Entertainment Cool Women, segment on Pat 8/1/01
Women's Entertainment Rock 'n' Moms, segment includes Pat and Haley 5/12/02
WRJR, Boston V66 Superstar Special 5/7/86
WRJR, Boston Commercial for V66 1986
Australia Interview via satellite from Los Angeles 1985
Canada Performance Shadows of the Night, Anxiety 1983
Canada Good Rockin' Tonight 1986
Canada Startracks
Canada New Music Show, interview
France Chorus, performance, Paris: I Need A Lover, Little Paradise, Hell Is For Children, Just Like Me, Heartbreaker 1980
France Les Enfants du Rock, interview and performance: Anxiety, Heartbreaker, Shadows of the Night, Hell Is For Children 1983
France Disc D'Or, short annoucement 12/31/83
France Disc D'Or, New Year's greeting
Germany Na Sowas, performance Anxiety 1983
Germany Musikladen, Love Is A Battlefield performed live via satellite from Los Angeles 1983
Holland Countdown, interview and performance: Treat Me Right, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, My Clone Sleeps Alone, I Need A Lover, Heartbreaker 1980
Sweden Interview and performance: Treat Me Right, Hell Is For Children, Hit Me With Your Best Shot 1980
Sweden 1981, Treat Me Right, Hell Is For Children, Hit Me With Your Best Shot 1981
Sweden Interview in front of Eiffel Tower, video: Shadows of the Night
UK Whistle Test, performance: Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Hell Is For Children 1980
UK Whistle Test, video Fire and Ice, performance Heartbreaker, I Need A Lover 1980
UK Whistle Test, videos Promises In the Dark, Fire and Ice 1982
UK Live On Tube, performance: Get Nervous, Shadows of the Night, Heartbreaker 1983
UK Live On Tube, performance Anxiety, Shadows of the Night, Heartbreaker 1983
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