Posters and Merchandising Materials

Please note:  This page is still in progress as there are missing and limited descriptions.
The images linked to some entries are mostly from eBay auctions and as such, not very
high quality.  Hope to replace them with better pictures when the ambition
strikes and an efficient method to photograph them can be determined.

Holland Yellow leotard, black jacket RO 123
Holland Black leotard, black jacket RO 008
Spain Precious Time from LP
Switzerland Black top, red skirt and jacket Photo Kard 104
UK Purple top from 12" We Live For Love Trans-Atlantic 1981
UK Red "glitter" top, plunging neckline 24x35 Anabas AA173
Scotland geometric striped black jumpsuit 24x36 Pace Minerva 8014 1980
Scotland 2 concert shots, black mini skirt and red leotard w/jacket 24x36 Minerva 3438 1985
USA Blue tiger striped leotard Latino Productions 1980
USA Get Nervous, strait jacket Tour merchandise
USA Black top, black skirt Artemis 8072
USA Black and white, "leather and lace" 22x33 Funky Enterprises 3017
USA Tropico White Castle Way
USA All Fired Up picture Rock Express POS-01208
USA Purple top, hands over head Latino Productions 1980
USA? Gold tone drawing  21x24 K. Chillis 1981
USA Drawing of Pat sitting on floor, fringed top 11x14 Neal Portnoy 1985


Australia Tour '95, Sidney/Brisbane/Melbourne, 6/3,4,5 16x23 1995
Canada Canadian Tour, 1980 1980
Canada Tour, 7 the Hard Way, Montreal Forum, 2/21/86 14x22 1986
France Concert, 2/23/80 30x42 1980
France Souvenir tour poster, 10/24/80, Nice 46x31 1980
Germany Concert, 1980, Weisbaden 24x33 1980
USA Tour, December 15, Boomer Theater, probably 1979, signed by Pat and Neil. 11x14 Autographed 1979
USA Concert, Toledo Sports Arena, 7/30/80 (Handbill) 8x11 1980
USA Concert, Oswego State University, 9/28/80 18x22 1980
USA Tour, August 3 and 10, 1981 12x18 triple image 1981
USA Tour, October 20, 1981, Albuquerque 11x17 1981
USA Cerveza Tecate, US Festival (all performers) 11x31 1982
USA Concert, Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY, 2/9/83 18x22 1983
USA Tour, 7 the Hard Way, Memorial Coliseum, 3/31/86 1986
USA Concert, Blossom, Cleveland, OH, 9/13/88 11x17   1988
USA Concert, Ritz, NYC, Sept 14, 1988 11x17 Re-production 1988
Concert, Fallfest, Buffalo University, 10/8/88
22x13   1988
USA Concert, Stadium Arena, Grand Rapids, MI, 10/29/88 11x17 1988
USA Concert, Spreckel's Theater, San Diego, May 21, 1991 11x17 1991
USA Concert, Pacific Coliseum with Steve Miller, September 1 11x17 1996
USA Concert, Pine Knob, Detroit, MI, June 6, 1997 11x17 autographed by Pat 1997
USA Concert, Hot Tin Roof, Martha's Vineyard, MA, 6/23/97 14x22 heavy board stock 1997
USA Concert, 4th & B, San Diego, November 28, 1997 14x11 1997
USA Concert, Fillmore March 22, 1998 8x19 1998
USA Concert, Xhale, July 12, 1998 11x17 1998
USA Concert, Paramount Theater, Denver, June 23 11x17 1999
USA Concert, Kiva Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM, July 13, 2000 11x17 2000
Concert, House of Blues, Las Vegas, August 23, 2001
22x28   2001
USA Concert, State Theater, Sandusky, Ohio, July 30, 2002, numbered 30/40 and signed by artist 14x22 hand silk screened 2002
USA Concert, Fox Theatre, Foxwoods Casino, CT, August 9 22x28 2002
USA KBFH, February 8 Counterfeit
USA Concert, Orbit Room, July 22 11x17 laminated
USA Summer Concert Series (ABC-TV), Bryant Park, 7/11/03, NYC 19x29 mounted to foamboard 2003
USA Concert, Trump Marina, Atlantic City, July 25, for LIGHTED DISPLAY 25x27 signed by Pat and Neil 2003
USA Concert, Paolo Soleri, Santa Fe, NM, August12 11x17 show was cancelled 2003
USA Street Banner, Casino Del Sol Tucson, AZ, August 19 23x51 1 of only 2 made 2003
USA Concert "On the Beach" Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, August 22, made to be backlighted 24x37 2003
Concert, Montana Rock Fest, June 26
18x24 Pat was headliner 2004
USA Concert, 4th and B, San Diego, October 11 11x17 2004
USA Concert, Contemporary Youth Orchestra, "Fire Away", Cleveland, May 24 14x22 2005
USA Concert, House of Blues, Orlando, Fl, June 10, metallic  inks, Stainboy 22x32 limited edition of 190 2006
USA Concert, Borgata, Atlantic City, NJ, July 2, gray tone 12x18 limited edition of 175 2006
USA Concert, House of Blues, Anahiem, CA, July 12-13 12x18 "Summerized" 2007
USA Concert, Belly Up Aspen, CO, August 9 13x19 Scrojo 2008
USA Concert, Pacific Amphiteatre, July 25 11x17 2009
USA Concert, Turning Stone Casino, August 12 13x20 signed by Pat and Neil 2009
USA Concert, House of Blues, Dallas, August 12 11x16   2010
Concert, 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, July 19
11x17   2011
USA Tour poster from Benatar Store 12x18   2011
USA Concert, Kentucky State Fair, August 17 8.5x11   2012
USA Concert, Belly Up Aspen, CO, August 4 (orange) 13x19 Scrojo 2012
USA Concert, Belly Up Solana, CA, September 14 (blue) 13x19 Scrojo 2012
Concert, Tennessee Theatre, Knoxville, TN, October 7
Brynn Marie special guest
Concert, Verizon Arena, Little Rock, AR, October 9
11x13 w/Journey & Loverboy 2012
Concert, Verizon Center, Washington DC, April 4 (w/Cher)
11x17 signed by Pat & Neil 2014
USA Concert, PNC Pavilion, Riverbend, July 8 (w/Rick Springfield) 12x17   2014
USA Concert, Belly Up Aspen, CO, August 17 13x19 Scrojo 2014
USA Tour merch, signed by Pat and Neil 12x15   2014
USA Concert, Paramount, Denver, CO, August 19 11x17   2015
USA Concert, House of Blues, Houston, TX, February 24 11x17 signed by Pat & Neil 2016
Concert, Paramount Theater, Denver, June 14
11x17   2016
tour merch, We Live For Love Tour
12x17.5   2016
VIP merch, We Live For Love Tour
12x17.5   2016
We Live For Love, signed by Pat&Neil
13x19 Pledge Music 2017
Concert, Intimate Acoustic Evening, Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT, June 23
11x17   2018
USA tour merch, 40th Anniversary Tour with tour dates 12x18.5   2019


Canada Wide Awake In Dreamland   MCA Records
Germany Seven the Hard Way 12x24
France Tropico 16x63  
Japan Precious Time 23x33
Japan Best Shots 20x29 Toshiba/EMI
New Zealand Crimes of Passion 16x24
New Zealand Precious Time 16x12
New Zealand Live From Earth 12x34 Chrysalis/Festival
New Zealand Best Shots 27x32 Chrysalis/Festival
UK Crimes of Passion 18x27 1980
UK Precious Time 20x30 folded
UK Tropico 40x60 Subway
UK Invincible 7" and 12" singles 17x20
UK Shadows of the Night 7" and 12" singles 17x20 1985
UK Somebody's Baby 13x20
UK Love Is A Battlefield 7 and 12" singles 39x27
UK Wide Awake In Dreamland, "Benatar Rocks." 20x29 Chrysalis, folded
USA In The Heat of The Night 23x35 LP cover
USA Rolling Stone Cover 19x23
USA Rolling Stone Cover 11x14
USA Crimes of Passion 23x35 Black oval border
USA Crimes of Passion 23x35 No border
USA Crimes of Passion-no border Printer's proof
USA Crimes of Passion 21x22
USA Precious Time 23x35
USA Get Nervous 22x34
USA Get Nervous "New Album" (same picture as above) 22x34
USA Live From Earth 27x38
USA Live From Earth 14x22
USA Tropico 23x35 LP cover
USA Seven the Hard Way 23x35 LP cover
USA Seven the Hard Way 23x35 Horizontal
USA Invincible picture 23x35
USA Wide Awake In Dreamland 23x35
USA Best Shots 23x35 LP cover
USA True Love 23x35 CD cover
USA True Love, alternate 23x25  
USA Gravity's Rainbow 24x24 black and white, band
USA Gravity's Rainbow 24x24 color, Pat
USA Innamorata, album cover art 24x36 CMC International
USA "Live" for Summer VacationTour Soundtrack 16x20 Gold Circle Records
“Don't Miss Derringer” features Neil and Myron
22X32 CBS promo poster
USA Union City one sheet
USA Metropolis, 1984   one sheet
USA The Legend of Billie Jean   one sheet
USA "In Concert", video cassette 18x24
USA Hit Videos, cardboard stock
USA HBO Special 22x34
USA HBO Special, poster and lobby cards in orginal mailing envelope
USA Kohl's Department Store giveaway for Candies




Banner Get Nervous USA
Banner Seven the Hard Way/Sex As A Weapon, Invincible USA 2 sided
Banner "New Album on Sale Nov. 18"/"Now on tour" (Seven the Hard Way) USA 2 sided
Display Precious Time USA 3D, wall
Display Get Nervous USA 3D, wall
Display Light Box, Get Nervous USA Wall
Display In The Heat of The Night USA 3-D, wall
Display Best Shots cassette merchandiser/counter display USA
Love Is A Battlefield counter merchandiser/display for 45s
Flat Precious Time USA
Flat Get Nervous USA
Flat Live From Earth USA
Flat Tropico USA
Flat Wide Awake In Dreamland USA 2 sided
Flat Best Shots USA 2 sided
Flat True Love USA 2 sided
Flat Gravity's Rainbow USA 2 sided
Flat Innamorata USA 2 sided
Flat Summer Vacation Tour Soundtrack USA 2 sided
Header Panel for 7" We Belong display box UK
Header Panel for Tropico record bin USA
Kit Complete display kit for Tropico USA
Mobile Heartbreaker, heart shape USA
Standup Precious Time 13" USA Counter
Standup Crimes of Passion 36" USA
Standup Tropico 5x7 UK Counter
Standup Tropico w/cassette case attached USA Counter
Standup Live From Earth w/cassette case USA Counter
Standup Live, Summer Vacation Tour Soundtrack 8x9 USA Counter
Standup GO (Barnes and Noble) 8.5x11 USA Counter
Cling Window cling for GO 10x10 USA
Sticker For Crimes of Passion/pic of Pat at ballet bar 4" round Australia
“Don't Miss Derringer” features Neil and Myron
22x32 CBS Promo USA
“More of the world's greatest drummers..” features Myron
16x20 Zildjian USA 1989