Article from Living Fit, Fall 2003.

LIVING WELL:  She Rocks!
For singer Pat Benatar, turning 50 is a no-sweat milestone.Pat Benatar, Living Fit Magazine, 2003
-Karen Rizzo

Pat Benatar, the rock 'n' roll doyenne, Grammy winner, mother, wife, turns 50 this year.  She's also releasing her first CD in six years, GO, and following that up with a tour accompanied by her husband and collaborator of 21 years, Neil Giraldo, and their two daughters.  We've all gotten older, but it still comes as a shock to realize that the woman who epitomized sexy cool to a generation of women has gotten older as well.  However, judging by Benatar's sense of self (not to mention her still-incredible looks), 50 is a no-sweat milestone.  We caught up with her in between rehearsals.

Living Fit: What's the biggest difference in your creative process since you first started writing and performing?

Pat: The luxury of time and pure focus.  When Neil and I were young, there were no distractions.  Our work was our life.  Happily, now we have children and their interests and obligations...friends, family...a real life! (laughing).  Recording and writing take much longer!

Living Fit:  How do take care of yourself?

Pat:  Neil and I are exercise freaks.  I do Spinning and Pilates and I lift weights.  Neil lifts weights, runs and jumps rope.

Living Fit: Anything you would have done differently?

Pat:  Nope.   Well, maybe one thing.  We would have had kids sooner.  Then we could have had one or two more.

Living Fit:  You have two daughters, ages 9 and 18.  They've obviously had good role models, but what do you want most for them to learn?

Pat:  To be loving and true.  You can't go wrong with those two things.