A Crimes of Passion Caper

The Case of the Vanishing Logo


Normal label Crimes of Passion cover "White" label


Something of an oddity, is the "white label" Crimes of Passion.  Typically, a white label is indicative of a promotional copy, which is usually also stated on the label, and is not necessarily the case in this instance.  In the above example (right), the blue background AND the Chrysalis logo are both missing.  One explanation has it, that Chrysalis had underestimated sales of the album, and in the rush to press addtional copies to meet the demand, ran out of the usual label stock.  Rather than delay the pressing, they subsituted generic stock, hence the "white label" Crimes of Passion.

How many were released this way?  Probably only Chrysalis knows for sure, but it makes for an interesting collectible!  If you've heard a different explanation, please send it to me  I'd like to hear about it.